Newspapers (1800s-1970s)

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Historical (1800s to 1980s) print and video stories featuring family members. For current media coverage, please visit our media section.

Atlas Family Reunion

"Atlas Reunion Held Here" by Unknown, East Carroll Delta News, December 7, 1972
Article on the family reunion in Lake Providence, LA

Andrew Atlas Line

"Oak Grove" by Unknown, Chicago Defender, October 24, 1942
Brief on Odessa (Rosby) Langworthy and son, Odell Rosby, moving to TX

William Steven Atlas, Sr. Line

Los Angeles Sentinel, Compiled Articles - William Steven Atlas, IV Line

King Atlas, Jr. Line

  1. East Carroll Parish, LA Banner Democrat, by Unknown, October 22, 1892
    Profile on King Atlas, Jr.

  2. "Tuskegee Alumni Map $10,000 Endowment Plan"

    During the 10th Annual Convention of Tuskegee Alumni, King D. Atlas, of Chicago, IL participated in discussion regarding establishing a school of Aviation at Tuskegee Institute (University). 6 years later, this school would graduate it's first class and who would go on to become the famed Tuskegee Airmen.

  3. Photo Standalone by Unknown, Chicago Defender, February 24, 1962

    Greater St. John's AME Church of Chicago, IL celebrates their Mother's Day festivities. King D. Atlas, of Chicago, IL, was on hand as an official.

  4. Chicago Defender, Compiled Articles - Marvaleen Atlas

  5. Los Angeles Sentinel, Compiled Articles - Lawrence Atlas

  6. "Miss Regina Singleton is Graduate Advisor" by Unknown, Chicago Defender, October 16, 1969

    Article regarding Regina (Singleton) Hillman-Durr's selection as a graduate advisor at George Williams College.
























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