Historical Documents

Take a trip through time. view the documents related to our ancestors.

The following are many of the genealogical documents (such as vital records, letters, draft cards, conveyance records, etc.) that have been gathered throughout the years. While this list is not all inclusive, it still provides a glimpse into the lives of the earliest traceable ancestors of the Atlas Family.

Display #
Burial Records AtlasFamilyOrg 3136
Death Certificates AtlasFamilyOrg 2892
Land/Deed Records AtlasFamilyOrg 2653
Marriage Certificates AtlasFamilyOrg 2857
Military Records AtlasFamilyOrg 2663
Miscellaneous AtlasFamilyOrg 2761
Newspapers (1800s-1970s) AtlasFamilyOrg 2745
Obituaries AtlasFamilyOrg 2886