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Throughout researching the genealogy of King Atlas,Sr., the genealogy research team has spent most of their time focused on his direct descendants. During of the course of this research, information has been uncovered about additional branches of the family that are not direct descendants of King, Sr.

Placed below are documents on these additional branches as well as updated research on them.

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King Atlas, Jr. Line

Clora (Evans) Atlas - 3rd Wife of King Atlas, Jr.
Most likely born between 1854-1865 at Bellemeade Plantation, Carroll Parish, LA; Died July 5, 1928 in Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, LA

Former Slaveowner and Slaveowner Locations
Lucinda (Bullock) Grace; Also known as Lucinda Brashears, Lucinda Bush; Locations: Tennessee; Port Gibson, Claiborne County, MS; Yazoo City, Yazoo County, MS

Snippet Genealogy
Maternal Grandparents: John Russell and Margaret (?) Russell

Parents: Susan (Russell) and Moses Evans

Maternal Aunt: Caroline (Russell) Carson, also known as Caroline Campbell

Marriages/Relationships: John Lee, Joseph Marshall, Sr., King Atlas, Jr.

Children: Susie (Lee) Atlas, Wesley Marshall, Nancy Ruth (Marshall) Russell, Joseph Marshall, Jr., Evelina (Atlas) Wilson, Alma (Atlas) Singleton, David Atlas, Ella Louise (Atlas) Wilson, Shurden Atlas

Slaveowners of Clora (Evans) Atlas and Family
Confirming the Slaveowner of Clora (Evans) Atlas and Family - blog posting from the 2010 genealogy research trip
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Pension File Deposition - Clora (Evans) Atlas
Death Certificate
- Clora (Evans) Atlas
Burial Record - Clora (Evans) Atlas

Death Certificate - Caroline (Russell) Carson
Penision File Deposition - Caroline (Russell) Carson

Charles Edward Russell, Sr - Adopted Son in Law of King Atlas, Jr.
Born December 3, 1879 in Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, LA and died January 24, 1957 in Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, LA.

Former Slaveowner and Slaveowner Locations
Unconfirmed. Parents were found living at Hood Home Plantation after the Civil War, which was owned by Govy Hood.
Mother's maiden name may lead to her owner being Oliver Morgan who had business dealings with Hood.

Snippet Genealogy
Paternal Grandparents: Reuben Russell and Fannie (Morgan) Russell

Maternal Grandparent: LaVinia "Viney" (?) Van Dyke

Parents: Jerry Russell and Angeline (Van Dyke) Russell

Siblings: Isaac Russell, Shelly Russell, William Russell, Sarah Russell

Marriages/Relationships: Nancy Ruth (Marshall) Russell

About the Russell, Jackson, Nervis Lines
Russells of East Carroll Parish Blog

Letter from Pension File - Charles E. Russell, Sr.
Death Certificate - Charles E. Russell, Sr.

William Steven Atlas, Sr. Line

Sarah (Hewlett) Atlas - Wife of William Steven Atlas, Sr.
Most likely born between 1840 and 1849 in East or West Feliciana Parish, LA; died May 15, 1926 in Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, LA

Former Slaveowner and Slaveowner Locations
Father was was owned by Mrs. James New and willed free about 1857. Mother's owner unknown.

Snippet Genealogy
Paternal Grandparent: Suckey (?) Hewlett

Parents: Robert J. Hewlett and MN (Johnson) Hewlett

Siblings: Henry Hewlett, Mary (Hewlett) Jackson aka Mary (Hewlett) Diggs, Rosalie (Hewlett) Ogden

Marriages/Relationships: William Steven Atlas, Sr.

About the Sarah (Hewlett) Atlas Line
Confirming the Slaveowner of Robert Hewlett, Father of Sarah (Hewlett Atlas) - blog posting
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Death Certificate - Sarah (Hewlett) Atlas
Death Certificate - Henry Hewlett
Senate Sub Committee Testimony - Robert J. Hewlett

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